Review by: JOHN U. (NJ)
“The Borgata, Atlantic City's most successful casino resort, has enlisted bwin to administer their online presence. The result, Borgata casino, has already taken nearly half of all the revenue generated by the new New Jersey online casinos.”

Borgata Casino - Home Page

The Borgata, Atlantic City's most successful casino resort, has enlisted bwin to administer their online presence. The result is what you might expect if McDonalds teamed up with Burger King, the menu is cheap but adequate, the service is so-so and with a little effort you can easily find a much more satisfying place to dine.

One gets the feeling is running on a computer in a closet somewhere and the management checks in on it 2 or 3 times a week, or, it is being used as a temporary placeholder for the license. Basically, it is a place you can gamble on-line if you are within the State of New Jersey.

Bwin have a reputation for shooting first and asking questions later when it comes to dealing with their customers and historically they have shown no willingness to cooperate with third parties or even explain to affected customers the reasons behind some of their more dubious decisions. In the end bwin typically makes the right decision and will even reverse previous actions but communication lag times have discouraged many players.

The up side for players in New Jersey is that State Law will govern what bwin can and can not do but the communication problems are still evident. Technical problems, and there have been a few, are responded to with 'canned' answers, eg; clear cookies, delete temporary files, try a different browser. These answers are very frustrating to experienced users who can spot a stalling technique and want real solutions.

Borgata Casino - Technical issues

To accompany their flash based website, Borgata casino also offers a downloaded version of their casino. This would be a welcome addition if it worked properly, instead, it has been plagued with disconnects and games that will not load or are shown as 'Not Available'. There is a diagnostic tool for the network connections, unfortunately, no one from support can explain how to use it and you will be instructed to uninstall, delete files, clear cookies and try downloading it again upon which the problems remain.


Registering an account at Borgata casino follows standard procedure and by entering your cellular phone number and installing the geo-location tool the system will be able to confirm that you are located within the State of New Jersey. This is required before you are allowed to wager real money.

SLOT GAMES Borgata Casino - Slot Games

Borgata casino have concentrated mainly on providing slot games and currently boast 38 titles.

The IGT games like Star Trek, Ghostbusters and Cats are all solid and provide great entertainment value. Cryptologic have contributed several titles like Chili Gold, Vampires vs. Werewolves and Serengeti Diamonds. Many of these games feature stacked wilds, all way pays and free spins with variable multipliers. The games provided by bwin seem very high variance and can really grind your bankroll but there is big hit potential.

Aztec Myths offers 50 paylines with up to 25 free spins at 10 X multiplier and Festive Fortunes features 30 paylines with up to 50 free spins with a 10X multiplier.

TABLE GAMES Borgata Casino - Table Games

In the table games section at Borgata casino you will find 3 versions of Roulette, both single and double zero, with wagering from $0.02 to $500.

A nice feature of their Roulette is the option to program 8 'radio' buttons with custom bets for repeated use. 4 versions of Blackjack with bets from $0.10 to $1000 per deal and 4 of IGT's 'Game King' Video Pokers are featured here. There is only one Table Poker, Texas Hold 'Em Bonus Poker, with wagering on the main game from $1 to $50 and bonus bets up to $100.


Borgata are clearly doing some things right but with monthly casino win in the 40-50 million dollar range for The Borgata Casino Resort and 3-4 million dollars monthly from Borgata casino there is no excuse to skimp on support. Borgata casino could easily have been so much more. To their credit, Borgata casino are the only New Jersey online casino adding new content regularly in the form of new slot games from the catalogue of bwin titles.

High-rollers at Borgata casino are almost certainly given a higher level of support but for the savy low-roller there are better choices available.