New Jersey Leads The Way

As some U.S. States start to legislate and regulate for online gambling, New Jersey blazes the trail.

What you see on this NJ Online Casinos website is the fruition of a number of player reviews conduced since the first batch of online casinos opened their doors to New Jersey residents.

In each and every case, the reviewer has signed up and played for real money at each of the casinos reviewed. As you might expect, it is a mixed bag and some are better than others but one thing all these reviews have in common is that they are factual, real-worl experiences from reviewers aho are resident in New Jersey.


Take Care...things have changed!

Since UIGEA in 2007, real money play at regulated online casinos has not been an option for U.S residents and a lot has changed since the heady days of the early Noughties. It's a strict environment with winnings taxed at the same rate as in land-based casinos so play carefully, manage your budgets and remember to play carefully!

Cashout options are normally 3-fold: you can rock up at the casino in AC and claim your online winnings from the cage; you can ask for an ACH or you can get a check. If you go to the cage, take ID! Check out the 101 article for lots more information about playing online from within New Jersey.


Contact & Criteria

If you are looking to advertise on this site I am afraid there are no opportunities at present. However, if you represent an NJ licensed online casino and would like one of the reviewers here to take a look then by all means get in touch.